Teddy Bears' birthday party!

Posted on 9th March ( filed in Blog )
We've been thinking: in an ideal world, which famous Bears would we like to see at a Forever Friends 25th anniversary party? A few names came to mind. Then a few more. Then the list started to get out of control! Can you think of any famous Bears not on our list? By the way, this is even more fun if you actually picture them all together:

Yogi and Boo Boo, SuperTed, Paddington, Winnie-the-Pooh, Big Ted and Little Ted (from 'Playschool'), Baloo ('from the Jungle Book), Rupert, Biffo (from The Beano), Gentle Ben, Bungle (from Rainbow), Winnie-the-Pooh, Bobo (from The Simpsons), Fozzie Bear, Sooty & Soo, Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, Andy Pandy's Teddy, Nookie Bear, Mr Bean's Teddy, the Fox's Glacier Mints Bear - not to mention several Care Bears and a handful of Gummi Bears.

Now where are those invitations...

A few random Mother's Day facts

Posted on 5th March ( filed in Blog )
    Before you give your Mum her flowers and breakfast in bed on 18th March, amaze her with your knowledge of Mother’s Day and its history.
  • In the UK, Mother’s Day is traditionally called Mothering Sunday
  • It usually falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, but this can vary depending on the dates of Easter
  • In Victorian times, Mothering Sunday was a day when women and girls working as domestic servants were allowed a day off to visit their mothers
  • Longer ago, it was the one day of the year when people would return home to their ‘mother’ church (childhood or family church) for the middle Sunday of Lent
  • Historians think that it was this visit to the ‘mother’ church which started the tradition of those working as domestic servants to be given the day off
  • Nowadays Mothering Sunday is the day for giving thanks to our Mums and to express love and gratitude for everything they do for us

Forever Friends - in a shop near YOU!

Posted on 2nd March ( filed in News )
Our friends at Asda have just launched a Forever Friends nightdress in a gorgeous baby blue. It’s comfy, soft and cuddly and is available now for only £8.99! See for yourself… http://direct.asda.com/george/womens-nightdresses/forever-friends-nightdress/GEM166691,default,pd.html

10% off in the online shop!

Posted on 2nd March ( filed in News )
As a little ‘welcome to our new website’ present, we’d like to offer you 10% off everything in our online shop. And when we say everything, we mean absolutely everything. The whole shop, in fact! So have a little mooch around the store, fill your basket, then enter the code FFpoints at the checkout. This code won’t be around forever, so fill your boots* with cute goodies today – and don’t forget to tell all your friends! *filling your basket would be better

iPhone app - coming soon

Posted on 2nd March ( filed in News )
The famous Forever Friends Bears will soon be cuddling their way onto an iPhone near you! Our fab, new iPhone app will be cute, fun and FREE! You’ll be able to interact with your very own Bear using natural gestures – as well as record unique messages and greetings to send to friends and loved ones. The app will be regularly updated with new content and features. Excited? So are we! Watch this space for details of the big launch.
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